" I need sleep... "

I need sleep

Insomnia/Poor Sleep/Fatigue

Insomnia, chronic fatigue and just feeling tired affects more of us than you realize. You’re not alone and there are ways to cope, deal with, mitigate, and I’ll even dare to say… cure this : )

Here at we started by suffering from our own issues with not getting enough sleep. With various backgrounds in working shift work, health issues, mood issues and practicing poor sleep habits, have all contributed to the affects of not getting enough quality sleep, and always saying those words… “I need sleep!”. 

In our search to find solutions beyond those offered by prescription and OTC medications we have discovered there are indeed many products, and simple practices that can combat the onslaught of yet another day without restful sleep. 

Many products are FREE and some products we recommend here are affiliate links where we collect a commission for sending you to their respective sites for consideration. However, they are all products and services we have tested for ourselves and find have helped immeasurably in our own quest for obtaining better sleep. You will not find a huge catalog list of mattresses, pillows, or meditation programs just for the sake of making a quick buck. 

The main focus of this site is to share what we believe works in combating those nights where sleep is just a word and waking up with puffy eyes and a strained neck is the start of your day. Thats sucks…we know : (

For those products that meet our standards, have worked for us and offer the relief we all seek in the area of insomnia and fatigue will receive our label of approval as DeadLambChop Approved! Check out our suggestions for finding the right mattress and pillow in our Sleep Foundation page. Using affordable and even FREE tools to help get you to sleep better on our Sleep Tools page! And, we even have our best Sleep Practices to share with you that will not only affect your sleep, but even your daily life!

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Fighting sleep issues doesn't have to be hard or expensive.

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Insomnia and feeling fatigued all damn day long really sucks! So much focus is placed on staying fit, eating right and drinking 100 gallons of water every day…yuk! No doubt those are all very important points (yes , yes i know…its drink 8, 8oz of water per-day which = 1/2 gallon) But for some reason the need for Sleep always seems to take a back seat on this chain of healthy habits. 

Sleep allows for your body and mind to recover, process and prepare for the day that is to come. Numbers of how much sleep one needs is as different as the shapes and sizes of people walking this planet! Check out this insightful article about how many of us think of sleep. How long we sleep, how often we sleep and and how we sleep all play a vital role in how we see the role of sleep in our daily lives. No doubt people are not getting enough of it or the right kind. Yes we take a humorous outlook on what is admittedly a very serious topic that affects so many more people than one realizes. But we do believe in our hearts and mind that the more rested we are as a planet the better that is for all of us.

DeadLambChop is here to help fix some of that nonsense that sleep isn’t important and for those of us not getting enough can indeed find some relief out there. We’ve also setup a RESOURCES page where you’ll find other useful links to get information on the web dedicated to helping those of us who struggle with sleep, sleep better! Those timely words, “I need sleep!” should only appear on one of our shirts and not be meant to be said in vain : (