About us

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Living a life where the struggle to get some restful and effective sleep can and does drastically affect the quality of one’s life. So many of us have suffered from and continue to deal with insomnia, chronic fatigue and the feeling that each day will only bring another dy of feeling tired. unhappy and even desperate. 

We are not Doctors and do not pretend to be, but only offer some proven practices and products to help you find that perfect night’s sleep. We hope to share what others have used, tried and succeeded with in their own pursuit of quality sleep. 

As a matter of practice we do not venture into the area of using prescription medications or other non-traditional methods (which might result in unintended consequences) for people looking to achieve healthy sleep, and always recommend if the products and best practices we share here at DeadLambChop.com aren’t helping you in your own search for rest…we would encourage you to be diligent and seek your own medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and offer your input, questions or comments to help better serve those off us who are looking for help with their own unique challenges to find that perfect nights sleep.