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sleep techniques

Your consideration for employing the use of sound Sleep Techniques is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself. No doubt a quality mattress is important and the use of white noise machines or noise cancelling headphones are useful to use…but the single most important consideration for getting better sleep are the practices, routines and techniques you employ just before heading off to sleep. 

Now there is a lot of good resources on the internet that can provide you with very specific causes and reasons for not getting enough sleep. However, what most of us are looking for is how to obtain better sleep. 

Certainly there some people with symptoms such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, insomnia and many other possible causes, but we believe most of us can indeed control and achieve better quality of sleep by following some better sleep techniques on our own.We will explore the use of specific meditative approaches to not only achieving quality sleep, but even allow for a more productive and coherent quality of life. 

Big promises to be sure, but we feel there certain approaches to healing your internal centers of energy and bringing balance to your everyday life that will in trade offer you a more restful sleep and even affect your waking hours too : )

sleep practices

Sleep Techniques that can solve more areas of your life than just sleep.

Yes I know a lofty title to be sure. But, here at we would not make such a boast if we didn’t absolutely feel 100 % about writing it! Now for some just reading these first few lines will stop them in their tracks, and that’s too bad. As constant learners we need to entertain the notion that we just might not know everything… the fact that many of you have challenges with just sleeping through the night and came searching for a website like this is testament enough that maybe we don’t all know all there is to know.

At the very least be open minded about some of these techniques we will list here. This will require you accept some certain ideas about human beings and more importantly about yourself for any of these techniques and ideas to work. 

The 1st idea one needs to accept is that our lives ( not being able to sleep included) are a reflection of choices we have made through out our lives , the environment we find ourselves in and the emotional baggage we have tucked away into our subconscious. For many of our thoughts, emotions, choices made, and even how we sleep are made automatically and done without us having a say in the matter.

Ask yourself if how you feel about your own life has changed much in the last 5, 10 or 20 years? Think back to how you’ve seen your life progress and how you would have liked it to be. For most of us there is a big difference and usually not for the better. 

To change this then we must start taking control of our lives away from our own automatic/subconscious routines and allow our true energetic self (spirit/soul/being) take over and make positive decisions once again in our lives.

Check out our RESOURCES page to learn more from a few practitioners who have devoted their lives to this concept and provide the scientific data to support it.

we are beings of energy
insomnia sucks

Insomnia sucks!

I know, I know I’m not the most eloquent of writers… but there is no better way to describe the sentiment of how millions of us feel when we can’t get our sleep. No matter how many sheep you count, Advil PM’s you pop or mamas remedies you try, that elusive feeling of waking up with a smile on your face seems to escape many of us.

On this site we do talk about the importance of mattresses and pillows on our Sleep Foundation section. Under Sleep Tools we make sincere suggestions with specific sleep aides that can offer some relief. But it will be here in this section that you will find the most relief if your willing and open minded to the sleep techniques we will share with you here.

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