Tools for better sleep

Simple Snore Solution

The folks from Good Morning Snore Solution have created a unique and simple snore control device that seems so simple its quite amazing how effective it can be for many people. Placed inside of the mouth and positioned to help stabilize your tongue the effect is pretty cool… your snoring is stopped.

Check out their site and watch the very informative set of videos that explain and show just how this simple this mouthpiece works. Theres also an informative FAQ section which can help determine if you’re a good fit for this approach to controlling your snoring issues. 

Offered at a cost that is hundreds of dollars cheaper than alternative options and developed and clinically tested and is FDA approved device. Best of all is you can try this unique device with their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 nights to decide if this can work for you. 

Sound to Sleep

The peeps from SleepPhones/RunPhones was a simple design waiting for the right company to create. While people have been using headphones and earbuds to help them fall asleep. They often woke you up when you decided to sleep on your side or felt the pressure points in your ear after a couple of hours.

The peeps from SleepPhones/RunPhones simply used the slimmest speaker design and encased it inside of an ultra soft headband. No longer are you waking up because you turned to your side or felt your ear load cry out with discomfort.

The use of music, white noise or listening to self-guided meditation never felt so good. Perfect for Sleeping or Running : ) approved...
additional tools coming soon!